Looking Forward to 2020- Part I.

I googled book challenges and about a thousand images appeared. 

I’ve had a couple of quiet days playing with my books as I mentioned previously.  I’m now looking ahead to how and what I’d like to read beginning the year.  As much as I love challenges I don’t plan on many. My main challenge is to read the books on my shelf. There is an abundance of places to visit, people to meet and adventures to be had sitting on those shelves and it’s time I get serious about them.  While most of my books are “real” books, I also have some Kindle books unread. I will include those also.

The other set of books I’ll need to read are those for the Book Group I belong to at Fuller’s book shop. That kicks off the first week of February and runs through November. They have several groups that meet the first week of each month, all reading the same book and facilitated by a staff member. They are good fun and I hope to not be travelling so much in 2020, so will be able to participate. My group is the first Thursday evening of each month.

Screenshot 1
Some of my TBR books.

I have chosen 52 books randomly from my shelves and written those names down in my book journal and put them on the Good Reads app. If any of you are on good reads feel free to friend me at Travellin Penguin. I wouldn’t mind some Good Reads friends. Beside the name of each of the 52 books written in my journal, I have put the symbol from a regular playing deck of cards. On January first I will shuffle the deck and begin reading whatever comes up.  I won’t try to do a book each week. There are other things I read but I will try.  Instead of picking a new card each week, I will pick a new card once I’ve finished the previous book. That could be a day or two weeks. Who knows?

I’ve got a wonderful book of short stories that all feature humour. I’ll tell you about that one in the next post, Part II. I do think that will be fun and I will try to stick with it.

Now, back to challenges.  I read about a dozen blogs regularly and they have challenges that pop up regularly either through their own post or through that of a friend.  If I see a challenge that fits in with my TBR books I might jump in and join it for a week or two or perhaps a month, but that will be my limit.  Many of the challenges are graded from reading one book in the challenge to several books. I’ll stick to the minimum, because at least I can participate then move on without getting bogged down.

I am in the unfortunate position that none of my family or friends here, that I see regularly read much.  So there is no one to talk to about books. I find that quite disappointing as there’s nothing better than a good natter to someone about a book. It’s ironic really, because we have one of the busiest book stores in Hobart on earth. Whenever I go into it, which is often, it is absolutely bustling with people and activity. I have a friend in NSW who reads a lot which is lovely. (You know who you are 😍) and she also lives in Tassie, nearby,  from January to April. Then I have a chance to catch up bookwise but that’s about it. So bloggers really are my friends. I love to read what they write about their books and their enthusiasm.  I also love seeing what books they get for Christmas.  I did get a book voucher for Christmas but there is never an actual book wrapped up and handed to me. I do love the vouchers though. So I do look forward to being more social in a few challenges and we’ll see how that goes.

I’ll start up my photography again in January and my play reading class in March. I had a complete two month break from photography as I wanted to stop, so I’d have time to think about the direction I want to go and have it feel fresh again. Other than that I am narrowing down quite a few outside activities.  I need time for myself to read and write and train Ollie.  I cannot abide an untrained dog and he’s doing well with his training. I’ll dedicate another post to him as I know a couple people follow him and I enjoy documenting his life.  If you’re not interested, that’s okay. Just pass that post by.   I’m looking forward to dragging my mega camera around again, the old workhorse it is.

More TBR books

I guess that kind of sums up where I am at the moment. Doesn’t the beginning of the year always feel like a new, clean slate with all kinds of adventures (hopefully) waiting around the corner?  I do so look forward to following my blogging bookish friends and seeing what you get up to. I hope anyone reading this has things planned for 2020 too. It’s a great way to escape all the negativity in the news media these days and let some light into our lives. All the best to you.


ps- Penguin is going to get a new wardrobe this year too. I’m tired of looking at his old clothes. Maybe he’ll dress like some of the book characters I meet.

Screenshot 1
A bit of Robin Hood today.

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12 thoughts on “Looking Forward to 2020- Part I.”

  1. Sounds like good plans for 2020. Good idea with random 52 books. I try sometimes to be more chronological with my books, put them on a list or a challenge. In the end, it turns out I choose something else. I am a little bit of a mood reader. I have to feel for this kind of book NOW! All ways are good except the bad ones!
    I will go more for my TBR as well, and dedicate more to non fiction this year. Less challenges, just a few favourite ones.
    Good luck with your plans.

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  2. Enjoyed your post and 2020 plans. You have reminded me to read what’s languishing on my TBR shelves. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I simply cannot keep up with the latest book sensation, for a number of reasons. I don’t join Reading Challenges, they’re too time consuming. I’m working on my List of Bookish Promises for 2020, which I might publish on thebooksmithblog. Or not. I’m trying to get up courage to do another MarieKondo assault on the shelves. I have promised myself to read one poetry book and one TBR each month. Like you, I enjoy the many book blogs which I follow, although I do have bookish friends. Keep on reading and writing – I’ll see you on the bandwidth.


    1. I’ll only do challenges if the book is on my shelf. Won’t get new ones for them and only if I have the time. Marie Kondo!! I need to do some of that too. Decluttering always feels so good. Happy New Year!

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  3. lots of fun things to look forward to! we don’t have a bookstore very close, the nearest being about 70 miles away, so we do a lot of computer business as regards books and bicycle parts and other stuff… your plans sound intriguing and absorbing… look forward to hearing about your adventures!


    1. I would really miss our local book store if it wasn’t here. The United States has lost so many book stores. I am looking forward to the new year. All the best to you two also.


  4. I plan to read more of my own books in 2020 as well. Another goal is to be more deliberate in my reading selections… must keep up with book club, but I don’t need to be so attuned to the current “hot books” in the book blogging community. There are too many older books I want to read.

    I just added you on good reads 🙂


    1. I know what you mean about reading all the popular books of the moment. Often they just don’t appeal. Look forward to reading what you get up to. I’ve read a few booms you wrote about over the past couple of years.


  5. Pam, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but it’s only just occurred to me that with your experience with rescue dogs, you might have some advice about how to make my dear little Amber less nervy. She’s not a rescue dog, she’s had a loving home with us since puppyhood, but from the time we took her to puppy school she’s been anxious around other dogs, and people too even though we introduced her to all kinds of friends when she was little. I even took her to doggy daycare for a while to get her used to the same dogs each week, but it made no difference.
    When we go for walks, she’s completely unpredictable: sometimes she barks aggressively at other dogs, other times she’s craven, and sometimes she will let them come up to her and they both sniff each other the ways dogs are supposed to do. Any suggestions?


    1. She sounds a lot like our previous dog Odie. He was fearful his entire life. There are a lot of issues it could be and not knowing how you are around the dog or know ing the dog I suggest you consult a dog trainer closer to home. I’d hate to give advice without having this infornation. I will say, outside of aggressive behaviour, keep her in safe situations or calm areas and praise , praise, praise good behaviour with tiny treats from your pocket. If in a tricky situation, walk away quickly. Some dogs just don’t enjoy the company of others and you may need to adapt to that. If she does have another dog friend in her life she really enjoys , maybe some play dates or walks in areas that don’t have a lot of stimulation. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


  6. Reading what you have is a great challenge – I must try to do the same! I’m going to keep my plans loose and minimal, which works for me. Good luck with your plans

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