Merry Christmas and All the Best for 2022!

Like everyone, everywhere, time has slipped past quickly and it has been a busy time. I’m having a technology break over the holidays and will be back in January with new books, plans and possibly a project, hahaha. Those that know me will chuckle at that.

We are having an Icelandic Christmas this year. Our family is all in North America and friends have been catching up during the month. We will have a quiet dinner on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day we have some presents for the neighbour kids and some new books for ourselves. We plan to read over the next few days.

Tasmania has opened up to the world as of the 15th Dec., and our Covid numbers, although not high, are increasing. Lovely to stay home and not run around with a mask all the time. Mr. Penguin has been enjoying the Australian author Chris Hammer and his crime books. I am reading the Labyrinth by Amanda Lohrey for the beginning of February’s book group at Fullers bookshop. Looking forward to it. I am enjoying this book very much.

There are new books to open as of tomorrow, some fiction, some non fiction and a photography book.

By the way, if you love Penguin books there is a new reference book called The Penguin Modern Classics Book (just out!) edited by Henry Eliot. It lists every Penguin Modern classic ever published with illustrations of all of the covers and lists at the back of the books year by year. (Kaggsy- it is written for you). The index is extensive too. I love it!!!

The Armchair Traveller has me listening to a book of short stories by a Haitian author as Haiti is the random country selected for me. More on that later.

Keeping this brief, I wanted to say how much I appreicate my online, bookish friends and although I never get a chance to comment on all the blog posts I read, I enjoy them and I am always close by seeing what you’re up to. Let’s hope 2022 has all of us staying well and moving forward and finding much to enjoy in our world that really is full of beauty. Sometimes we just need to look for it!

I might add, this photo regarding the Find Fullers bus ad competition saw me winning a $50.00 book voucher to their 101 year old shop I love so much.

The Penguin saw the Fullers bus in town so rushed to it carrying his Fullers cloth bag.

Author: TravellinPenguin

I live a retired life in Tasmania, Australia. I love books, travel, animals, photography, motor biking and good friends. I indulge in all these activities with the little Travellin' Penguin who has now shared five continents with me. We love book shops, photography walks and time with friends as all our family is in USA and Canada. I enjoy visitors to my blog so hope you'll stop by.

28 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and All the Best for 2022!”

  1. Happy holidays Pam, I too have been eyeing off the new Penguin book. I’ve already checked out the pages for Australia and was intrigued to see they had included Elizabeth von Armin here. When I’ve reviewed her books recently, we’ve had a robust conversation about whether she can be called an Australian writer or not, as she only lived the first 3 yrs of her life here and then tried to cover up her heritage every day after! But it would seem that the good folk at Penguin have come down on the side of birth place.

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  2. First off, congrats on winning the voucher – what fun! As for the Penguin Modern Classics book, you’re quite right that it’s perfect for me, and fortunately the Offspring were well trained enough to present me with it for a recent birthday. it’s a thing of great beauty!!! I hope you and yours have a wonderful festive break and all stay safe. Look forward to reconnecting in the new year!

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  3. Merry Christmas to you too Pam! I’m hoping that the Penguin book is under the tree for me……to match my orange one!
    Also.. have a good break 😊

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  4. Enjoy the break and the lovely books. How nice to win a $50 voucher from Fullers – winning lit comps is just the best. The crucial element is: you gotta be in it to win it! Wishing you a peaceful, relaxing Christmas, and a healthy, enjoyable New Year (filled with books and outings of course).

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  5. I’m glad your penguin caught the bus. I’ve always meant to visit Hobart one day to see MONA, but I can see I’ll have to look up Fullers as well. Merry Christmas over there. Perth for all our hard borders has reintroduced masks for the weekend (apparently a backpacker and his girlfriend didn’t notice they were ill).

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